SuperFit Boot Camp

Your students and staff will be super ready for the SuperFit School Obstacle Course by the end of the 4-week Boot Camp, which is made up of a variety of fun, easy, and healthy activities that can be incorporated right into the classroom, PE class or anywhere throughout the school day.

This Boot Camp will inspire, motivate and get students super excited about completing the big event. What’s more, the activities help reinforce and enhance health concepts that students should already be learning in accordance with your school’s local wellness policy requirements.  Each week’s activities also align with the core themes of the culminating event.

1: SuperFit FUNdraising

Raise more funds for your school!

Tool kit, online donation forms and more

2. SuperFit Boot Camp

Activities and training to get ready for the big event!


Inspiring & educational curriculum for students

3. SuperFit School Obstacle Course

Everything you need for your own fundraising course

sfsc_icons_trophy_transA 5-obstacle course designed for every type of school