SuperFit School Obstacle Course

The SuperFit School Obstacle Course is the culminating event of the fundraising program that consists of five obstacles that integrate physical and intellectual challenges.

The event can take place during the school day, after school or on the weekend, indoors or outside, and is designed to engage the entire school community, including teachers, administrators, students and parents.

You’ll receive all components and materials for the course in an easy to assemble kit delivered to your school. And you get to keep the equipment to maintain the fitness of your students. You can also add your own activities to tailor the event for your school.

1: SuperFit FUNdraising

Raise more funds for your school!

Tool kit, online donation forms and more

2. SuperFit Boot Camp

Activities and training to get ready for the big event!


Inspiring & educational curriculum for students

3. SuperFit School Obstacle Course

Everything you need for your own fundraising course

sfsc_icons_trophy_transA 5-obstacle course designed for every type of school